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Here at A to Z we strive for better. Whether it's building, customer service, or a better life for ourselves as well as a better experience for those we serve.

We want to improve construction in all aspects. Building codes, standards and safety were designed to give knowledge to not only individuals in construction. They were designed to give home owners a place to live worry free for as long as products they choose will allow. We know that a home is very important to the customers we serve. Whether your project is an investment or a place to pass on to your loved ones. This is in our minds every day and reflects in the work we put in to every project.

A to Z is not only a name it is a explanation as to what we do. If there is a service we can provide in construction we educate ourselves educate our customers put a Capitol Letter on it and do it not only to the customers liking but manufacturer and contractor recommendations. Assuming that is how our customers want as well.

"Handyman" is in our name to show we are not going to turn away business that is to small for the larger quality builders in our area. It's also in our name to provide services to customers that need help with small projects, but dream of a better home for themselves or someone else. And need to find someone they can trust to provide those services for a fair price with quality and integrity in mind.

General Contracting is our main focus. As builders in Central Oregon we have worked with many contractors. We have built relationships with the people we trust and the people we can count on. Not every contractor is the same. And not every contractor will see a project through to the end. At A to Z we are here for the long haul.
Construction can be difficult at times and sometimes it's hard to know if it's all worth it. But A to Z is here from beginning to end. Or anywhere in between. You tell us where to start and where you would like to see us finish.

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